July 2023 Designer Sunglasses Spotlight: Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and More Set the Trend

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July 2023 Designer Sunglasses Spotlight: Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and More Set the Trend

Our most recent inbox notification was from one of our faves, Thélios. In their most recent newsletter, they cast a spotlight on the captivating world of designer sunglasses–and we’re here to share our thoughts.

As Beyoncé continues to stun with her Loewe mask and Giv Cut metal sunglasses, and as celebrities like Rosamund Pike, Shakira, Lisa, Ariana Grande, and Emma Roberts accessories with iconic styles, the allure of high-end eyewear becomes unmistakably clear.

Beyoncé’s Bold Choices: Exploring Her Loewe Mask and Giv Cut Metal Sunglasses

Beyoncé, the undisputed queen of the stage, continues to command attention not just with her powerful performances but also with her fashion-forward choices. In the spotlight, she has been seen donning the unique Loewe mask, adding an air of mystique to her charismatic presence. This distinctive accessory melds elegance and avant-garde design, effortlessly merging the worlds of high fashion and utility.

Equally captivating are Beyoncé’s Giv Cut metal sunglasses. These shades embody the bold and confident persona she’s celebrated for. With sharp lines and edgy contours, the Giv Cut sunglasses complement her ensembles, infusing an element of rocker chic into her iconic style.

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DiorSignature Elegance: Unveiling the Allure of Dior’s New Signature Style

When it comes to classic elegance with a contemporary twist, Dior rarely disappoints. The DiorSignature sunglasses, an embodiment of this ethos, have made their mark on the celebrity circuit. These frames gracefully enhance the features of celebrities like Rosamund Pike, who effortlessly exudes sophistication while wearing them.

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Celine Triomphe Triumph: How Celebrities Flaunt This Iconic Celine Design

Celine, a name synonymous with chic minimalism and effortless allure, takes the limelight with its Triomphe sunglasses. Renowned celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Thai Rapper, Lisa, have been found embracing the understated charm of this iconic design.

The Celine Triomphe sunglasses capture the essence of subtle luxury, resonating with those who appreciate timeless aesthetics. Each element of these frames exudes sophistication, from the delicately engraved Celine logo to the graceful contours that frame the face. Shakira and others showcase how this design effortlessly complements both casual and formal ensembles, elevating any look with its innate grace.

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Erin O’Connor, Beyonce, and Camilla Coelho: A Trio of Celebrities in Designer Frames

From international supermodels to influential YouTubers and global icons, the selection of iconic eyewear speaks volumes about personal style. Let’s delve into a few remarkable examples that highlight the diverse charm of high-end eyewear.

Erin O’Connor and the Dior Lady 95-22’s: A Match Made in Elegance

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Erin O’Conner has graced countless runways with her presence, consistently embodying grace and sophistication. When it comes to eyewear, she elevates her look with the Dior Lady 95-22’s, an embodiment of timeless elegance. With every step, Erin effortlessly pairs these frames, which exude refinement, with her impeccable sense of style. The Dior Lady 95-22’s seamlessly merge classic aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities, capturing Erin’s essence perfectly.

Camila Coelho’s Diorsignature Selection

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Brazilian YouTuber and style influencer Camila Coelho completed her clean and classy look with Dior frames. Her choice of the Diorsignature sunglasses is a testament to her keen eye for sophisticated style. With a blend of modern aesthetics and classic elegance, these sunglasses perfectly complement her refined look.

Beyoncé’s Loewe Anagram Allure: A Vision of Artistic Expression

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The Loewe Anagram sunglasses worn by Beyoncé speak volumes about her artistic vision and distinctive approach to fashion. These sunglasses exude an avant-garde charm, with the Loewe Anagram serving as a bold focal point. As Beyoncé performs and takes the stage, the Loewe Anagram’s fusion of art and fashion becomes an integral part of her iconic presence. With every glimpse, she showcases her ability to seamlessly integrate innovative design into her larger-than-life persona.

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