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Our glasses are a part of our everyday look and routine. While the wide variety of readily available frames is a good place to start, investing in custom frames seamlessly upgrades your eyewear experience every time. Being able to personalize your new pair of glasses gives you full control over your new look, and ensures that you are able to both complement your existing wardrobe and easily coordinate with your favorite pieces.

At SEEN Vision, we are all about offering you truly custom frames that cater to your specific needs and personal tastes. Just as our comprehensive eye exams cater to your eye health and overall well-being, our customizable frames indulge your individual style (and prioritize comfort!), going beyond optical needs to best serve you.


Our expert sizing process ensures the best fit for your glasses, meaning you can go about your day worry-free and always confident. No matter your head shape, nose size, or ear height, we make sure you are both comfortable and completely free to move around as you please, with zero concern.

No more worrying about tilting your head too far and watching your glasses slide off, or constantly readjusting throughout the day.


Looking for something different that makes you stand out from the crowd? You’ve found your match. Give life to your new frames and make them entirely your own with custom diamond detailing that reflects the best in you.

Pick the styles and the diamonds you love to carry with you throughout your day. From subtle designs to louder alternatives, you get to pick and choose exactly what you like.

Transform your standard frames into completely unique, special pieces for your collection. From regular glasses to fashionable accessories.


When it comes to glasses, comfort comes first, and we know how to do it right. By getting to know you and what you like, our custom nose pads provide a custom look while still giving you the support you need.

At SEEN, we don’t let the small details get in the way and compound into a bigger problem- you get the best, right from the start.


For an extra personal and special touch, our frame engraving customization is a simple and effective solution. Whether you are gifting these special frames to a loved one or yourself, there are endless engraving options to take your glasses to the next level in a subtle and elegant manner, all while maintaining their character.

From names and dates to meaningful short phrases and whatever else feels right – all within arms reach.


SEEN Vision is more than just your regular optometry clinic. By offering both exceptional eye health services and customizable frame options, we strive to provide a smooth, personal, and pleasant eye-care experience, the way that you deserve.

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