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Custom Lenses Dearborn - SEEN Vision Care - Serving Windsor, Tecumseh and Dearborn


At SEEN Vision, there’s no need to sacrifice high-quality eyewear to indulge in fun and different styles of lenses. No matter what your personal preferences and optical needs are, we have premium lenses for your glasses – in exactly the way you have been imagining them.

No need to compromise your style or the quality of your next pair of glasses for the sake of looks; have it all with SEEN.

Feeling ready to build your dream pair of glasses? Us, too! Let’s get into all of the different customizable options we have in store for you.


Faceted Edges Lens Dearborn - SEEN Vision Care - Serving Windsor, Tecumseh and Dearborn

If you’re after a little something more, our faceted edges are just the thing to add to your custom lenses for some more spice. Subtle, chic, and elegant, this small detail is enough to elevate your look and differentiate your everyday accessory into something truly unique.

Whether it’s your regular pair or your sunglasses, faceted edges are great for every situation.


Custom Lens Tints and Colors Dearborn - SEEN Vision Care - Serving Windsor, Tecumseh and Dearborn

Brown, black, red, yellow, not too dark, not too light. Our custom tints are made for exactly that, finding the perfect shade and making it yours.

Whether you are looking to experiment with color, keep it subtle, or try something completely new, we’re in for the ride. At SEEN, we find practical and functional ways to make it happen your way, the right way.


Custom Lens Engraving Detroit - SEEN Vision Care - Serving Windsor, Tecumseh and Dearborn

Custom engraved lenses are a bold and super fun way to spice up your pair of glasses and infuse an extra dose of your personality front and center. No matter what you choose to highlight, you’ll always have a reminder of the things that mean the most to you, in the exact right way you want them to appear.

From very subtle engravings to as prominent as you may want them – your limit is our limit.


Custom Lens Shapes - SEEN Vision Care - Serving Windsor, Tecumseh and Dearborn

Explore with different shapes to find the lenses that suit you best, or experiment with different sizes you’ve never gotten to try before.

Your face shape can help narrow down and even pinpoint great, proportional lens options for you. At the end of the day, you’re in control. Try different things and go with what feels right! We’ll be here to guide you through every step of the way.


With you, and for you. Our custom lenses are carefully designed and executed with your needs and wishes always in mind. Beyond making sure we look after your eye health, our priorities also lie in helping you both look and feel your best in your new favorite pair of glasses. Let’s get started!

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